The founder and creative director of Babadea is very committed to social work and volunteer projects in Kenya, Peru and Cambodia.

As a result Babadea donates 5€ per sale to the following projects:

  • Kenya: Cara Girls Rescue and Empowerment Center - Ngong. Orphanage and rescue centre for girls of the Masai Mara community, funded in 2008. This centre is only funded by donations from volunteers. The girls live in a very precarious situation but are very happy. It’s amazing how they take care of each other. The centre is led by a Kenyan family, Edwina and Timothy, with their children, and they rely on social workers who manage the girls rescue and take them to the centre. With our last donation we made a kitchen, bought two goats for them to have a milk supply, expanded the centre for a larger intake of girls and met many particular needs within the centre (reading glasses, shoes that fit, etc ...). We are delighted to say Babadea also taught them to sew. From keeping in touch they have shown us how they have practised and improved their sewing.

  • Peru: Santa Clara School - Iquitos. This project secures the schooling  for 40 children between 3 and 15 years of age from a village of 900 people who are in the middle of nowhere in the Amazon rainforest. In a town without electricity and two hour boat journey through the Amazon river to get there. The children work in the field to help their families. Thanks to Andrea and Pía, in the afternoon they go to school and learn how to read and write and subjects such as maths.... It’s a fantastic project with a very positive impact on the community. With our last donation we helped a wonderful child called Denis with an illness called multiple sclerosis and also bought school supplies.

  • Cambodia: 30 minutes by tuk tuk or by bike from Battambang city. Kamnat and his wife, known by everyone as Mamma, have set up a school that all the children can get to by bike. They go every day,  even with heavy rain and storms! AKD School only works on the base of the support from their volunteers. The volunteers teach English to the children so they can work towards a future within the touristic sector. The tourism is infact becoming an important income for the country.The classroom are mainly build with uralite ceilings this material is extremely unhealthy and dangerous, not to mention to the regular flooding… Our last donation allowed AKD to building 3 strong and safe classrooms for the school. 

These are the projects we have visited and will continue to actively collaborate through Babadea!

You can follow us on INSTAGRAM: babadea_ to be partakers towards the donations. 

5 euros from each sale are put aside for these 3 Projects.

Hopefully soon we can expand the donation amount more! 

And if you are thinking about an activist experience, we encourage you to visit these centres; we can even put you in touch! It is a fantastic experience and a great help. 

Let’s make the world a little better than we found it!

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